Ten thoughts on the passing of Miklos Ganczaugh

(22 June 1946 - 2 October 2020)

Miklos Ganczaugh's premonition turns into reality. The joint exhibition of his and his late wife and love of his life Kati Albert's works at the Vízivárosi Gallery - to be held in January 2021 – becomes a double posthumous exhibition.

Two years after Kati's death, Miklos, too, has returned home. They are reunited.

Indeed, all die whom mother has borne, and our daily degrading mortal sheath is easily won over by Death, whereas the Spirit, the strength of the Creative Spirit is invincible.

Let us take solace and strength from the assurance that their lives' work will be spun into an untearable thread by the Passing Time, thrown in rescue of the needy of coming times.

Day by day we experience the aiding pull of this long-spun and untearable thread in our lives; we experience that Rublev lives, that Grünewald lives, that Jozsef Egry lives, that Bela Kondor lives, that Derkovits lives, and how they all help us live. And so lives the good old Lajos Gulacsy, a relative of the Ganczaugh family, and so are now immortal all the ''4 Painters'' of the very first exhibition of the Első Magyar Látványtár (First Hungarian Spectacle Collection), namely, Miklos Ganczaugh, Endre Hortobágyi, Gyorgy Roman, and Robert Swierkiewicz.

They live and help us every day, the way only Immortals can help us.

We thank God for the riches of their lives!

Akos Vorosvary
friend, art collector

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