Miklós Ganczaugh

1946 born in Budapest, Hungary
1968-1972 art studies at István Ferenczy Art School. His master was Lajos Luzsicza.
1975-2010 conservator/restorer at National Gallery, Budapest
1990 Founding member of Első Magyar Látványtár Alapítvány (First Hungarian Art & Artifact Repository Foundation)
1994 Member of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists
1996 Member of Society of Hungarian Painters


Award of MŰHELY Art Association (Ecce Homo exhibition 1993)
Award of Society of Hungarian Painters (Light and Space exhibition 1997)
Award of Hungarian Cultural Heritage (Labyrinth exhibition 2004)

Works in Public Collections

- Első Magyar Látványtár Alapítvány (First Hungarian Arts and Artifacts Repository, Hungary)
- Magyar Ház, Dunaszerdahely (Slovakia)
- Roman Catholic Church, Szanticska (Hungary)
- Kecskemét Municipal Gallery, Hungary
- Contemporary Collection of the Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey (Hungary)
- Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest, Hungary
- Modem Contemporary Collection, Debrecen, Hungary
- Roman Catholic Church Collection in Sárospatak, Hungary

Works in Print

Graphic illustrations in the periodical Látóhatár, 1989/7.
The Passion series. Látóhatár, 1991/4.
Miklós Ganczaugh

Miklós Ganczaugh